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This is a article from the center of the rolex maintenance repair guide, was introduced in detail, Replica Stainless Steel Rolex Watches UK maintenance program and daily use of the note.All my pictures and translation and share, translation have a wrong place, welcome to point out mistakes.

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Rolex service program design, is to ensure that each wrist left the rolex works in accordance with its original function and aesthetic norms.Thoroughly to each movement;Platinum and Replica Rolex Luminous Watches For Sale carefully renovation, restore its luster.Timing accuracy and water proofing property through rigorous testing to ensure compliance with you for rolex watches quality and reliability of the natural expectations.

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After the maintenance services, for the first time to wear before, it is important to manually on the chain.To do so, unscrewed the table put the chain on the position and rotate clockwise 20 times or so.Please remember on the chain after properly tighten crown, in order to ensure waterproof.Your watch machine core number and the serial number is the only one.It not only can let the Fake Rolex Waterproof Watches watchmaker, in order to make sure you watch the original configuration, also the process of each stage of the service history record and tracking.