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Rolex new Cellini 2014 series, become one of the most popular product in Basel, rolex 2015 release version set auger Cellini, in 2016, the replica Rolex began Cellini watches, rich decoration on the color.This seems to be in the last few years rolex’s consistent style, color on the wrist watch is completely different visual experience rich, will be to meet the demand of more users.

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New Cellini series the most delicate and charming place, deduce tabulation traditional absolute noble elegance.Atlas by rolex’s exclusive foundry manufacturing, has cheap fake Rolex 18 ct white gold or rose gold eternal styles watches to choose from.39 mm in diameter, the classic brand of traditional circular design, and detailed modelling shell ear, polishing, and the arch of triangle grooved outer ring and outer ring double outer ring, let the wrist watch more distinctive.The symbol of the rolex triangle grooved to screw-plug table back, while the table back like the old design assumes the circular arch.Show horn screw-plug crown highlights the Cellini series of exquisite aesthetic.

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In 2014, the rolex watch best brand again hand in hand with international reputation of salzburg, Austria music festival, bend force support, this has nearly a century of the history of high scale music feast.In addition, to reveal the unique and importance of salzburg festival, luxury replica rolex watches for lady is more in the peninsula hotel in Shanghai on December 9, honor presented “night” salzburg festival, invited to salzburg festival, chairman of haier, red treasure, the participation with Dr Rupert stadler, and exclusive presented a magnificent ground-breaking music performances.Before dinner, guests dressed attended the best fake rolex watches UK, the boundary of the bund in Shanghai at the cocktail party.Meanwhile, rolex pleasure announced in 2014 the Basel new clocks jewelry exhibition Cellini series has been on the market in China.