A 1979 Replica Rolex GMT-Master ‘Root-Beer’ Ref. 16753, A 1970s Breitling Sprint Ref. 2016, And A 1960s Favre-Leuba Sea Bird

And we’re back in 2017 with a bang! This week we have a very diverse selection of watches, ranging from super thin dress watches with sharp hands to bold chronographs with lots of color and unusual geometry, with brands like Vacheron Constantin, replica watches Rolex, and Universal Genève all represented. Read on to see the full selection.

1979 Replica Rolex GMT-Master ‘Root-Beer’ Ref. 16753


The fake Rolex GMT-Master is one of the most iconic watches out there. This example takes it up a notch with its faded two-color “Root Beer” bezel and gorgeous brown dial with “nipple” indexes. It comes complete with a two-tone Jubilee bracelet (we swear two-tone is making a comeback), and this watch is a beaut. Click here for the full listing.

1970s Breitling Sprint Ref. 2016


Well before Richard Mille’s crazy composite watches, there was the Breitling Sprint made of resin. Originally produced with athletes in mind, this sporty watch is one we don’t see too often. We love it for its funky 1970s shape, bright orange dial, and of course the featherweight case. For the full listing, click here.

1960s Favre-Leuba Sea Bird


Favre-Leuba is a manufacture best known for distributing Zenith watches, however it made a few gems with its own name on the dial like this black dialed Sea Bird with blue accents. The Sea Bird is an alarm watch, much like the Memovox, but with a more playful aesthetic. See the full listing here.

There’s More

That’s not all! We have a 1920s Universal Genève steel pocket watch, a 1966 Rolex Datejust ref. 1600 with papers, a 1967 fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual ref. 1003 for sale, a 1960s Universal Genève Unisonic Sub, and a 1980s Sinn Chronograph ref. 143 with world-time bezel.

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