A Vintage Rolex Submariner Replica Watch UK Will Be Auctioned By Fellows In October 30th

Birmingham Fellows will auction a black dial fake Rolex watch which had been worn in the films of 007 series in the end of this month. It is the famous Rolex Ref.5513 which had been worn by the stunt man of Timothy Dalton in the movie “Licence to Kill” in 1989. You will find this watch recalling the car chase that James Bond drove the tank truck.

The vintage Rolex Submariner looks more elegant and gentler than modern Submariner.
Oystersteel Case Knockoff Rolex Submariner

It has been evaluated to be 60,000 to 90,000 pounds. Besides the wristwatch, the one who achieves it will also get the photographs, relevant documents of Rolex, books that introducing the film-making and the certificate of authenticity of EON Productions. Some parts of this Oystersteel bracelet copy Rolex Submariner has been damaged.

The related documents of Rolex has explained maintenance measures of the damaged parts of the wristwatch. The manager of Fellows said that it was the one of the rarest and most fascinating wristwatches and they thought it would attract both the watch fans of Rolex and film fans of James Bond.

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