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Magnetic field are widespread in the telecommunications, aerospace, electronics, pharmaceutical industry, etc, the strong will be magnetized movement of parts, especially to ensure the precision of the escapement wheel balance and balance wheel, thus seriously affect the normal operation of the mechanical watches. If long time contact with strong magnetic field, wrist watch, there will be a serious deviation even stop running. Watch of wrist of ordinary reliability and precision in 50 to 100 gauss (0.01 tesla) under the magnetic field strength will be severely damaged. UK Best Sale Rolex MILGAUSS Watches can resist 1000 gauss (0.1 tesla or 80000 amp/m) of the wrist watch, successfully solved the problem of magnetic field.

Rolex _Milgauss

Balanced swinging component is an important part of a watch, is equipped with a Fake Watches Rolex For Sale UK created, made from special alloy patent blue PARACHROM hairspring. The hairspring completely without magnetic field interference, in the case of temperature change is still very stable, seismic force than conventional balance spring up to 10 times.

_Rolex _Milgauss

Balance spring equipped with breguet type at the end of the circle at the same time, to strengthen the balance spring isochronism in swing. Balanced swinging component with stable equilibrium balance wheel, through the golden MICROSTELLA fine adjustment screw highly accurate calibration the inertial oscillation period. Balance the balance wheel is supported by adjustable height of the parallel slab firmly, to enhance the earthquake-resistant ability. UK Cheap Replica Watches Rolex  MILGAUSS Best Sale.

_Rolex _Milgauss_

MILGAUSS oyster type strap with oyster type buckle. In addition, it also is equipped with a clever UK Best Sale Replica Watches Rolex patent EASYLINK easy adjustable link, can be easily extended band about 5 mm in length, in each case, wearing more comfortable

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