Replica Rolex Milgauss Series Stainless Steel Strap Watches UK

Rolex first Milgauss antimagnetic watch is the production in the 1950 s Ref. 6541 and Ref. 6543.These tables are relatively rare precious crown, as in the past five years manufacturing antimagnetic watch is based on the previous antimagnetic watch for the model.Similarly, rolex Milgauss watch also is such.Myself like a watch is five years, but always out for one reason or another, until now, I can give my Rolex Milgauss Series Replica Watches UK to do a preliminary “review”.

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The Milgauss1019 is produced by rolex in 1960, according to the terms of reference, it is the earliest antimagnetic watch.Original Milguass antimagnetic watch production target is very clear is that professionals and scientists, in order to be able to work in the special environment (laboratories, power plants, for example), and the potential factors influencing the precision of wrist watch is obvious.In order to solve this problem, Milgauss antimagnetic Black Dial Rolex Fake Watches use magnetic alloy material as well as antimagnetic movement device, make the wrist watch in strong magnetic field can also be relative to protect watches from magnetic interference.There is such a story in the newspaper in 1960, is engaged in the doctors and nurses are summarized, massage therapists, experimental staff and other industries will be more use of watches.Look at the following advertisements!

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Ref. 1019 later during 1960 to 1989, the production of more concentrated.Ref. 1019 wrist watch is “old” appearance, often can let a person have the feeling of the 1970 s, restore ancient ways.Wrist watch case is using the material of stainless steel, with the words “Milhauss” on the dial as if describes the legend of rolex.After many years later, some elements on the dial, materials and the size of the scale as a pointer to the subtle changes, and the style of the pointer is also changing.Also, the use of luminous pointer has become dispensable, early antimagnetic Stainless Steel Strap Rolex Watches mostly used in CERN (CERN), there was no use luminescent material, at the same time, I believe that time is unlikely to have this kind of material.So you can’t determine the previous Ref. 1019 of the wrist watch is luminous, but Ref. 1019 case is 304 l.L said the proportion of the carbon material is relatively less.

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