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Similarities And Differences Between The Replica Rolex & Tudor Watches UK For Sale

Are you familiar with Rolex? I believe most of you will say “Yes”. For a long time,Rolex is regarded as the symbol of noble identity and high status. But when speaking of Tudor,I think some of you don’t know much about the brand. If you are a crazy watch lover,I think you may find some similarities between Rolex and Tudor. Today,I want to choose two watches from Rolex and Tudor,and then I will make a comparison between the wonderful fake watches.

As a matter of fact,Tudor and Rolex are established by the same person. So there are many similarities between the two brands,but each of them also has their own distinctive features. Firstly,I want to introduce the replica Rolex Air-King 116900 watches with stainless steel cases. The watches are equipped with black dials,43mm diameters and oyster bracelets. At the same time,manufacturers use the Rolex 3131 caliber to give the watches better function and performance. Rolex has quite good reputation all over the world,so each watch have very good quality.

And then,what about Tudor? In the past,many Tudor watches imitated the design of Rolex. The Tudor Heritage M79250BM-0001 watches have very similar appearance with the Rolex watches. But the bronze cases copy Tudor watches also have many distinctive characteristics. The watches have 43mm diameters. The size can suit every man perfectly.

Be different from the steel bracelets,designers use the aged leather straps to decorate the watches. The watches can resist water among 200 meters. In this aspect,the watches have stronger function than Rolex watches. Even the wearers want to go swimming,their watches will not be damaged by water. But you’d better take down your watches so that they can keep good operation.

Compared with the two watches,I think both of the cheap fake Rolex watches and the Tudor watches have their own distinguishing features. Rolex watches are more suitable for business people to attend formal occasions. And the unique material make Tudor watches be more historical. If you are fond of vintage style,I believe the watches may be quite good for you.