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Rare Rolex Cellini Prince Replica Watches UK With Distinctive Design

Many people are familiar with the Rolex Oyster watches especially the sport watches including Submariner, Explorer, Sea-Dweller and so on. But few people know the Rolex Cellini Prince copy watch with rectangle case.

This Rolex Prince is very distinctive with its rectangle case.
White Gold Case Replica Rolex Prince

In fact, Prince has a longer history than other classic models of Rolex. It could date back to 1928 and Rolex was founded in 1905. The earliest two Prince watches are Ref.971 and Ref.1343 which were driven by calibre Aegler 877, a rectangle manual winding mechanical movement which were especially designed for Rolex Prince. The Rolex fake watch with silver dial had been called the doctor watch for it was very accurate and practical for doctors when taking the patient’s pulse. It was suspended in 1940s.

The Cellini Prince is the brand's only collection that has been designed with transparent caseback.
Red Leather Strap Replica Rolex Cellini Prince

In 2005, Rolex released the Prince watch again which was classified into Cellini collection. The modern Prince still maintained the art decoration style. Meanwhile, it is the only Rolex that with a see-through caseback. But it is very strange that the knockoff watch with automatic movement never be popular among watch lovers even many watch collectors speak highly of them.