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Introducing The Function Of UK Rolex Yacht-Master II Replica Watches During Regatta With White Dials

Yacht-Master II was the only chronograph with the function of programmable countdown when it was released in 2007 which was performed by the bezel. It is a bidirectional rotatable bezel but not as same as the diving bezel. Rolex named it as the Command Ring.

1, Programme

The captain should rotate the bezel of 44 mm Rolex Yacht-Master II copy watch with 90 degrees counterclockwise to active the countdown function setting. Then push the button at 4 o’clock. Screw the crown and pull it into the first position. Now you can set a big red triangle countdown pointer, a red triangle, as needed. Screw the crown in one direction to set the length of the countdown. After 0, the hands will jump back to 10. Once the demanded time has been set, press the crown back and tighten to return the bezel to the “home position” position. The yacht timer is ready.

The blue-white-red tone of this Yacht-Master II is really amazing and pure.
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2, Start countdown

Ten minutes before the match, the organizer fired the cannon and hanged the corresponding signal flag. The captain presses the button at two o’clock to start the countdown chronograph. This starts the countdown function.

3, Synchronization

Now for some reason, the captain may start the countdown too early or too late at the beginning. He can wait for the second signal to calibrate. In the second shot, he can re-adjust his chronograph by pressing the reset button at 4 o’clock. The reset function of Rolex fake watch with blue ceramic bezel has a feature: you can reset the countdown hand to the nearest minute. That is, it will retrograde back to the nearest minute in the first 30 seconds, and it will move forward to the nearest minute in the last 30 seconds. This feature is very useful during sailing.

The countdown function of this timepiece is very useful for yacht racing.
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4, Return to Zero

After the chronograph stops and resets, the countdown hand will return to its preprogrammed position to prepare for the next race.