The Comparison Between Replica Moonphase Watches From Rolex And Vacheron Constantin UK For Sale

Speaking of moonphase watches,I think most of you will regard the watches as the representative of elegance and exquisiteness.Moonphase watches often have very concise and graceful appearance,so the elegant fake watches are very popular among watch lovers.Many brands have launched the moonphase watches. Today,I choose two moonphase watches from different brands and I want to make a comparison between them.

The first moonphase watch I will introduce is from Rolex. The replica Rolex Cellini Moonphase 50535 watches with 39mm diameters are the most classic watches in Rolex. The watches are equipped with everose gold cases and self-winding movements. The white dials are quite suitable for the watches. White is always the most fashionable and everlasting color. The watches feature tobacco leather straps can give you the most comfortable experience. The whole moonphase disc is directly shown on the dial,the full moon is represented by round aerolite and the sliver circle on behalf of the new moon. The watches have been tested for many times to make sure they can develop the best function in the accuracy,waterproofness,power reserve and many other aspects.

Another moonphase is from Vacheron Constantin,the pink gold cases copy Vacheron Constantin watches have quite different appearance with the Rolex Cellini moonphase watches. The most unique design of the watches is the tonneau shape. This is the unparalleled and unmatched design which giving the watch distinctive charming. The cases,bezels and crowns use the 18K 5N pink gold material. The same color make the watches be more elegant and gentle. This moonphase watch has quite different design,the moon image is put on the dial,and a round small second dial is put on the 6 o’clock position. The pink gold watches are equipped with dark brown leather straps.

In conclusion,the function and technology of the two attractive fake moonphase watches don’t have too many differences. But they have quite different appearance. If you prefer the classical and concise design,you can choose the Rolex Cellini moonphase watches. And if you are interested in more striking design and want to try some different styles,I think the Vacheron Constantin moonphase watches are more suitable for you.

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