UK Cheap Replica Watches Rolex Salzburg Festival Night

On December 14, 015, Shanghai – UK Cheap Replica Rolex Watches Best Sale best brand in the world again be hand in hand with international reputation of Salzburg Festival, the bund in Shanghai 27 Roosevelt present residence honor “Salzburg Festival night”. To reveal salzburg festival leadership position and importance in the field of classical music, and said to the support of salzburg festival in 2016, the UK Fake Watches Rolex For Sale invited salzburg festival, chairman of Dr. Helga Rabl – Stadler, with music the music during the period of the festival in 2016 show guest, sole present a ground-breaking music performances.


The climax of the dinner from salzburg festival opera repertoire, presented by the invited guests appreciate the sneak peek’s upcoming salzburg festival 2016 four famous musical excerpts from performance. By Mr Bernheim And piano accompaniment Sarah Tysman ms together “romeo and Juliet”, “Dr Liya les families”, “Faust” and “west side story” wonderful, showing enthusiasm for art and meticulous professional attitude, the audience is/are more immersive experience the unique charm of salzburg festival.Cheap Replica Watches Rolex UK.

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Worldwide with a long history and the salzburg festival each year invited today’s hottest musicians in salzburg show, to show the leadership of festival. And the same was favored by the “leader” and UK Replica Watches Rolex For Sale oyster type motion week calendar watch, praised by celebrities and dignitaries, so enjoy “table of the head of state” reputation.In 2015 clock watch jewelry Basel show, rolex launched a new generation of oyster type constant working week calendar type, highly renowned for the table into the new designs, including 40 mm casing, and its performance in the hour meter under the new standard of new 3255 type mechanical movement. In the Cheap Fake Watches Rolex UK, the oyster type constant working week calendar type 40 wrist watch in the exhibition, we will review together week calendar incarnations of the legend, witness the continuation of history in the modern.

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